Presentation is an act of delivering speeches, seminars notes to audiences. It’s very popular withpeople, but the problem is that people find it hard to deliver a good presentation to people due to many reasons, they have low skills when it comes to presenting. There are different means to deliver a presentation one of the tool used is the Prezi presentation tool, it consist of slide shows, as each slide show contains your context to be delivered.

People set aside time to create great presentations, but have low skills when it comes to presenting, these are ways to improve your presentation skill;

Body language

Body language in presentation covers context like gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, and use of passion, visualization and descriptive gestures. Body language is an important factor in delivering a presentation as it will improve your presentation skill. When talking use gestures like moving your hand to explain better, some presenters just stand like a wood log and make their presentation skill low. Use of body languages improves your presentation skill.


As a presenter, you should be able to structure your presentation, in the sense that your opening speech should be remarkable, also enlisting participation with the audience is important, the presenter has to be able to manage time well when presenting, wasting long amount of time will make the audience tired and bored. Finally your closing speech should be epic.

Choose the right word to use

Make your words accessible to the general listeners, the words used in presenting should be easily understandable irrespective of their level of education, it should cut across to all the listeners, also learn to persuade your listeners relating them to live time experiences. Always choose the right words to use when presenting to make your presentation good.

Vocal variety

Add interest to your speaking style, by knowing how to change your volume, pause, and articulation. Confidence is of the essence also when speaking. A confident speaker makes a good presentation, thereby making him have a good presentation skill.

Use of good visuals

When using the Prezi presentation tool for example you use visuals, but usingvisuals isn’t just it, but using them well enough, like choosing the right colours, balance and contrast, and also the use of repetition makes your presenting skill great. When visuals are involved it makes the presentation easier for you and it makes the audience understand well enough.

Following these steps will make you a good presenter and make your skills improved, also watching professional presentation videos can make you learn and improve your presentation skill also. Read More